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What you can bring into or mail to Australia

To protect Australia’s unique environment and agriculture and tourism industries, strict quarantine rules are in place. Australian customs and quarantine take their responsibility to protect Australia from disease very
seriously. If your child arrives with, or if you send items to them while they are in Australia which are prohibited there are large fines they are likely to receive. While your child is in Australia, you will want them to eat well. To help them do this you may want to send them food with which they are familiar and which you have purchased or prepared.
Unfortunately it is not possible to do this. Be careful to check first on any items of food or plant materials that you send with them or wish to send to them in Australia, as heavy fines and penalties will apply.
All food, plant and animal products must be declared for inspection on arrival in Australia. Some items may require treatment to make them safe. Other items that pose pest and disease risks will be seized and destroyed by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS). You should advise your child that, if they are in doubt about whether their goods are prohibited or not, they should declare it anyway on the Incoming Passenger Card which they will receive on the plane. Students have received on-the-spot fines for not declaring items. This can be a distressing start to a student’s time in Australia.

For further information visit the AQIS homepage www.aqis.gov.au.

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Remember also that Australia is a very multicultural country and food from many other countries in the world can be found fairly easily, particularly in the capital cities.
Baggage allowances flying into Australia will vary according to your child’s airline, flight class and country of origin. Please check with the airline prior to departure. Economy passengers are generally permitted 1 x checked luggage (35kg) and 1 x carry-on (7kg) for international flights.

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