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Pre-departure information and checklist

Photo by Anete Lusina

Education providers are required to provide certain information to students before they leave their home country to assist them with preparing for their time in Australia.  It may be called either a pre-departure (that is before leaving your home country), or pre-arrival (that is before arriving in Australia) guide.  This information is often provided electronically, or some may be in book form.

If your child’s application has been handled by an agent, you should make sure that the agent passes on this information when it is sent.  It is usually provided with the letter-of-offer received for the course, or as soon as the offer has been accepted.

Many education providers will also include a Pre-departure Checklist for their incoming students.

We will ensure that you receive this information with your letter-of-offer together with a suggested packing list and guidance.

Our experience suggests that this is something that should be done as a joint family activity.  

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