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The Benefits

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Benefit Traditional Method The EPI Advantage
Reduction in failure rate
The highest incidence of university drop-out for International Students is Year One. Based on research, this is caused by a combination of difficulty making the transition from a high school in Asia to a university in a foreign country as well as the maturity levels of the individual student.
EPI addresses this by a robust preparation process. Research suggests that international students that are fully prepared for international education are far more likely to achieve success. The EPI preparation programme covers things like: *Cultural *Legal *Language
Savings in Fees & Accommodation
Total cost savings of around 50% against the typical cost of Year One in Australia at a Tier 1 or 2 university.
Year One through savings in: *Fees *Travel *Quarantine *Cost of living
Transition from school to university
Many first year students struggle with becoming independent adults, adapting to non-compulsory learning and study expectations Transitioning online education, independent learning, adapting to blended learning
The EPI programme is delivered in your home country which means: *family support is available to manage the secondary to tertiary transition *still close to childhood friends during the transition
Adapting to study methods and expectations
Entering a university in another country without understanding the differences in study methods and expectations. It is usually a blend of face-to-face and online and with hearty discussions and group projects.
Mix of face2face and online: *Local (on-the-ground) representation & facilitators *Includes in-person sessions *Not only ‘online’ *Local admin support in your first language
Develop academic and workplace English
Learning English through school can give you a basic understanding and really useful with reading and writing. However, what it taught is often not how it is spoken in everyday Australia study and work places.
Support to get ready for English placement test Gain knowledge of workplace English used in Australia
Entering a foreign country alone can be daunting. The student often feels alone, not just initially, but at different times throughout the studies.
Will become part of the Global EPI Alumni and have friends for life. Own support networks throughout the duration of study and ongoing friendships.
Raise your results
The results required to enter an Australian university can be high. It is often difficult to achieve the GPS (or ATAR) required to enter the Bachelor degrees.
The EPI programme offers an alternate path to being accepted to these same universities.
Supported Academic Entry
Working with an agent can be daunting and full of unknowns regardless of if you are successful or not.
EPI will support your application to your university of choice in Australia.
Flexible Payment Terms
Pay Education Fees, University Fees upfront. Large amounts of money.
EPI will work with you to design. a plan that works for you.

The Programme

July 23, 2021