EPI Study in Australia

Life as an International Student

Photo by Helena Lopes

We understand that as exciting as it will no doubt be to jump on the plane to Australia, there will be some nerves.  So; to help settle some of those nerves, an EPI staff member will meet you at the airport in Australia in most cases.  The EPI staff member will help you with any initial questions, help ensure you get your transport to your accommodation.  In many cases, that person will be able to communicate in your first language.

At the risk of stating the obvious, living in Australia will be different from life in your home country.  This difference while exciting can become stressful.  So, to ensure your time offshore is successful (and fun) you need to prepare for life in a foreign country: we can help with that. 

As a start, there is some great information here that provides help, advice, and information about what life is like in Australia.

The Benefits

July 23, 2021